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Simona Plischke

Development Manager

homeland - Czech Republic

"I started my video game industry career in 2004 in Austin, Texas and joined 2K Czech in 2008 as a Development Manager. It is an inspiring place, full of passionate and very talented people with whom it's always been a great pleasure, honor and fun to work."

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Emmanuel Beau

Lead Programmer

homeland - France

"To sign for 2K Czech has been one of the best decision I ever made. It gave me access to almost unlimited resources and work with talented and creative people on cutting edge technologies.

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TomÁs HrebÍcek

Head of Media team

homeland - Czech Republic

"I have embraced moviemaking since my childhood, always dreaming about pushing the boundaries. In 2K Czech we have created literally limitless Cutscene Editor that allows our passionate team to build extraordinary stories. It´s an incredibly satisfying ride."

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Miki Podprocky

Senior Graphic Artist

homeland - Slovakia

"As an art graduate i was always interested in new, digital and interactive medias. I've had great passion for games, my dream was to work in games industry and right now i am nearly 10 years in the business. I work as character and concept artist in 2K Czech which is about pushing the limits of technology, but also the limits of my own imagination. And that is why, this is the place i want to be. I love Art and I love Games. My position, makes this combination more meaningful to me."

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Adam Rozycki

Level Designer

homeland - Poland

"For quite some time I've been searching for a creative and professional work environment and this is exactly what I found in 2K Czech. Making games is not an easy thing, but working with all the great people here makes it fun and truly rewarding."